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SGT Reckless's Horse Grease - 10oz

SGT Reckless’s Horse Grease is an edible, non-toxic grease scientifically proven and veterinarian-tested to stop chewing by horses, mules and donkeys. This product protects fences, stalls, buildings, trees and other surfaces equines chew. It will also prevent chewing of bandages and tails.

  • Wood Chewing - If the horse is an actual cribber rather than a casual chewer results may vary but use a lot of the product
  • Stall Chewing
  • Bandages or around wounds. You can put it directly on a horse but try to keep it away from the eyes
  • Place the product directly on manes or tails to stop chewing by other horses – The product is grease so it will actually condition the hair
  • Lead-ropes to stop chewing/untying

  • Apply a liberal amount to any surface horses chew.
  • When using squeeze tubes, apply a ½ inch bead to the leading edge of the fence.
  • If applying to a flat surface, like a stall wall, create a zig-zag pattern over the surface affecting as much of the area as possible.
  • If the surface is porous, horse grease will soak in a little.
  • If the surface is non-porous the product will keep its shape, but may still be spread through incidental contact, so be careful when you walk by.
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