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Purina® Antler Max® Premium Deer Mineral - 25 lb.

Feed AntlerMax® Premium Deer Mineral free-choice year-round to deer as a supplement to help balance nutrient deficiencies that may occur in the habitat or pasture. Place in areas of high animal activity such as game trails, feeding areas, water sources and bedding areas. Can be fed in a trough or feeder, poured on the ground or mixed with soil to make a natural mineral lick. To attract animals to the mineral site and encourage consumption spread corn around the feeding site and/or mix 50:50 with rice bran, soybean meal, etc. Once animals begin consuming, it is usually fed alone; replenish site as necessary. Optimum intake of this product is 1 to 4 ounces per head daily.
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Manufacturer Part Number 3002331-103
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