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Woodstream - Havahart Critter Ridder Granular Shaker - 1.25 lb.

Protect your lawn, garden, and landscaping from animal damage with Havahart Critter Ridder 1.25 lb. Animal Repellent. Ideal for perimeter protection or spot-treatments, Havahart patented formula effectively repels groundhogs, skunks, dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, and other nuisance animals. Whether you're protecting sheds and barns or gardening organically, Critter Ridder provides an easy-to-use, economical 30-day solution to nature's annoyances.

  • Repels by taste and odor-not offensive to humans
  • Contains oil of black pepper, peperine and capsaicin
  • 1-application lasts up to 30 days
  • EPA registered, OMRI listed and compliant for use in organic gardening
  • Ideal outdoor use: gardens, lawns, and landscaped areas, indoor use: basements, cellars, and storage
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