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Vetericyn® Plus Hydrogel Wound & Infection Spray - 3 oz.

Vetericyn HydroGel Wound & Skin Care helps heal hot spots, wounds, outer ear infections, yeast infections and reduces healing time by up to 60%. Easy to apply, completely non-toxic and does not sting sensitive, raw, irritated skin. Vetericyn is a one-step wound and infection treatment for animals No rinse formula is easier for you and your animal. Vetericyn is approved for treating wounds on all animals: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, reptiles, small animals, exotics. Vetericyn rapidly kills 99.99% of bacteria (including antibiotic-resistant strains such as MRSA), viruses, fungi and spores.

The Benefits of Vetericyn:

  • Reduces healing time up to 60%
  • One Step, No rinsing
  • A scientifically engineered topical solution that mimics the body's immune system response to viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.
  • Treats infections without harming healthy tissue
  • Safe as water
  • Completely bio-compatible
  • Eliminates odor from wounds
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating
  • No antibiotics or steroids and tests free on competition animals
  • Does not stain clothing or furniture
  • Increases oxygen to the wound while decreasing chronic inflammation

    Vetericyn is used to treat a host of infections and wounds including:

  • Hot Spots
  • Scratches
  • Eye Infections
  • Outer Ear Infections
  • Ring Worm
  • Skin Fungus
  • Rain Rot
  • Cinch Fungus
  • Dryland Distemper
  • Eye Infections including Conjunctivitis
  • Bumble Foot
  • Heat Lamp Burns
  • Pasturella
  • Actinomyces
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