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Tru-Test - WaterWell™ 2

WaterWell™ Waterers are lower profile than others in the market, to enable access for livestock of all sizes.

Our flotation balls act as a visual water level cue. If they can be seen from a distance, there is adequate water within. The balls also help to seal the Waterer in summer to reduce evaporation and keep the unit dark. This virtually eliminates algae growth.

Livestock quickly learn to push the balls down to access the fresh water beneath. We’ve purposely made the ball opening larger to comfortably accommodate the muzzle of even the largest animals.

Our flotation balls also help with water temperature control. Select our white balls for the summer months to reflect the heat. Our black balls, which absorb sunlight, help to keep the water a little warmer in the winter. Our black balls are also more visible in the snow.

Inside, our float is square. This provides a greater flat surface area to encourage full water shut off once the desired water level is reached. The float arm allows you to easily adjust your water level. Keep the level high in summer to meet increased livestock demand. Then lower the level during winter, to prevent the flotation balls from freezing in the lid.
  • Easy to access, clean and maintain
  • Superior quality all brass valves
  • Large stainless steel eyebolt fasteners enabling tool-free access
  • Built-in, easily accessible water cut-off switch
  • Sloped bottom and large insulated screw-in drain plugs for quick water removal
  • Round, insulated float balls act as visual water level indication
  • Lower profile suitable for a variety of livestock
  • First set of spares included (insulating foamtape, valve diaphragm and seal, x2 drain plug seals)
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