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Stihl® 36" Oilomatic Chainsaw Chain Loop (46RSLF 108 Drive Links)

Swiss made OEM chainsaw chain from Stihl. Stihl saw chain is made for the most demanding cutting conditions and is loaded with professional features. Stihl chain has Oilomatic drive link lubrication slots, which funnels oil directly to the rivet to reduce wear. Stihl chain is also pre-stretched at the factory, which helps eliminate excess adjustments during break in periods. 46RSLF is part of the Stihl Rapid Super L series. 46RSLF is a skiptooth square ground chisel chain, designed for cutting large softwood trees. 46RSLF is an extremely fast cutting chain, but will dull quickly if contacted by dirt and other debris. This chain has no kickback reduction features.
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Manufacturer Part Number 3668 005 0108
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