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Liberty Safe - Patriot 50 Gun Safe - Granite Textured with Manual Lock

Responsible firearm ownership requires owners to keep guns inaccessible and inoperable to unauthorized persons. With the Patriot/Fatboy Jr. series safe, you can help keep rifles and shotguns safe and stored away. It features a Sargent & Greenleaf™ mechanical dial lock, with a key locking dial that adds security by keeping the dial from turning. Note: The keylock alone is not total security. For maximum security, the dial/lock should always be spun by the owner before the key locking dial is used. It is fire-rated for 60 minutes at 83,000 BTUs, and covered with a Liberty lifetime warranty, with free repair or replacement against fire or attempted break in.

  • Unibody construction helps eliminate seams on the front and sides of the top, preventing prying or breaking of welds. Liberty's roll-form process and robotic welding process helps produce stronger welds and a more rigid box. The back of each 2-piece safe is robotically welded to the safe body, melting the seams to resist bending, prying, cutting, splitting and distortion.
  • Composite doors feature laser-cut, punch-cut steel panels, which are robotically bent into 1" thick doors. Computerized robotics bend each composite door, and insulation is installed between the outer and inside steel shells, increasing fire protection all the way to the door edge
  • Triple hardplates feature heat-treated steel construction to protect the lock and mechanism from drilling or punching. The hardplates shake and chew up drill bits when drilled.
  • An X-cam locking mechanism features top and bottom bolt actuators, along with a slip-clutch feature. If the handle is torqued by a heavy pipe or wrench, the handle shaft "slips", releasing lock pressure and keeping it from breaking.
  • Liberty's Easy Glide™ bolt protectors interlock to secure four sides of the door, resisting distortion from pry attempts and fire.
  • Spring-loaded internal relockers help to permanently lock the safe's mechanism if tampering occurs. If the lock's back plate is punched off, the external relocker fires like a mouse trap, permanently locking up the safe's mechanism. This keeps the locking bolts from retracting. Even if the lock is completely destroyed, the safe remains locked tight.
  • Anti-pry tabs and security door adjusters are added to the safe frame to tighten door and locking bolts. They help increase the tightness of the door to prevent fire damage, wedging, and prying
  • A Suretight handle with a front-locking bolt secures handle so that it does not come loose, no matter how much unauthorized persons play with the handle.
  • Gun Capacity: Up to 64 Guns
  • Exterior Dimensions: 72.5" X 42" X30.5"
  • Interior Dimensions: 68.5" X 38" X 20"
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