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KT Industries® Camo Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

K-t industries 4-1076 - camo auto darkening welding helmet sturdy construction helmet is made of lightweight, molded nylon with a ratcheting headgear and moisture absorbing lining on the headband. Customized fit designed and equipped with a special up/down, forward/backward headband mechanism, reducing fatigue of the head and neck. Sensitivity factor the sensitivity adjustment knob is located outside the helmet making it more convenient for the operator while at work. Variable shades adjust shade selection from 9 - 13 with the turn of a knob on the outside of the helmet. Shade guide table is provided for easy and accurate number selection. Dark-to-clear delay upon striking an arc, the filter automatically changes from clear to dark in only 1/30,000 of a second. Operator sets the delay time for the filter screen to change from dark to clear state - short, medium or long. Replacement lenses changing scratched or damaged lenses is fast and easy. clear outside lens and inside lens are available from k-t industries. Dual purpose set selection on inside of helmet for welding or grinding. Uv/ir protection auto-darkening filters provide full protection for the user's eyes and face, even in the light state. The uv/ir protection level is up to shade 16 (din) at all times.
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Manufacturer Part Number 4-1076
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