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Gallagher™ M1500 15 Joule Electric Fence Energizer

  • 15 Stored Joules
  • Clean Fence: 160 miles/900 acres
  • Typical Fence: 40 miles/360 acres
  • More power at a lower price - Increased power output at each price point
  • Robust and Reliable - Made to last with tough outer casing, built in lightning diverter and the latest internal circuitry
  • Compliant with latest UL Standards guarantees safety and reliability
  • Simple “Plug and Play” installation
  • Safe and simple to connect - Split bolt fence terminals make the Energizer safe, hassle free and quick to install
  • Superior reliability backed with a 3 year warranty
  • High performance livestock control - Highly efficient Energizer output delivers market leading performance, reliability and stock control
  • Gallagher trusted reliability - Extensive testing and industry leading manufacturing processes provide exceptional reliability under harsh conditions
  • Easy to secure to a flat surface - Keyhole mounting points for fixing the Energizer to a wall or other flat surfaces
  • LED bar graph - Indicates Energizer performance at glance
  • More power in reserve with the M1100 & M1500* - Adaptive voltage control technology increases voltage output when fence conditions change
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