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EMT™ First Aid for Dog, Cat & Small Animal Spray - 1 oz.

Help your pal heal sooner from cuts, wounds, and hot spots with the PetAg EMT First Aid Dog, Cat & Small Animal Spray with Bitrex. It’s the go-to emergency tool that comes in a convenient spray! Formulated with highly bioactive collagen, the same material your pet’s skin makes to heal wounds naturally, it seals wounds and reduces bleeding as soon as applied. Plus, it contains collascent, a natural substance that helps speed up healing, while also soothing and deodorizing the wound. By sealing and protecting, it helps support the healing process for minor cuts and wounds, and it can be used on the spot, and hands-free! The formula works like a wound dressing, but without the mess or hassle of needing to change bandages, plus, it uses Bitrex to discourage biting, licking, or pecking wounds. Thanks to its convenient spray, you can spray it on any wound, even on difficult areas like joints and in between toes.

Key Benefits:

  • Seals and stops bleeding on the spot for small cuts, wounds, and hotspots with bioactive hydrolyzed collagen.
  • Helps speed healing with collascent, a natural substance that forms a protective barrier around wounds.
  • Soothes pain and minimizes wound odors, all in one formula that’s ideal for all small animals including dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles.
  • With Bitrex, a bitter substance that prevents your pal from hurting the wound by licking, biting, or pecking.
  • Simply wash wound and spray on as needed, even on difficult areas such as joints and toes.
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