Keeping Cool This Summer

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Have you ever noticed how the cold winters will seem to drag on but the warm summers just fly right by??? I feel that way every year! Summer has definitely showed up here in Colorado and we are feeling the heat. It's so nice here though because once that sun sets our temps drop quite a bit and it feels so good to lay in bed at night with the windows open.

Today I'm sharing some ways we keep cool outside in the heat and at the same time it keeps the kids happy and entertained... and most at very low cost so total mom win!


- water balloons!

water balloons are fun for both kids and adults... right? if you're having a bad day, go fill up some balloons and throw them at something (or someone!), I promise your day will get better immediately! just don't throw them at your spouse or you may be sleeping on the couch tonight!

They have these water balloons at Big R Stores that are super easy and quick to fill up now. you attached the whole thing to the faucet and it fills up 100 balloons in 60 seconds and even ties (or seals them somehow). and the best thing is they don't cost much and I feel the investment is worth the laughter you get in return.

- sprinkler!

who doesn't love a sprinkler? Sprinklers are great to keep the kids cool but also water your lawn =). double whammy goodness! Alejandra is still scared of water being sprayed on her so I am hoping that by doing these sprinklers all summer, she will eventually love water splashed on her. ugh, she is a hot mess when it comes to splash pads. send me any advice your way to help get her over this.

Sprinklers can be as elaborate as you want or as simple as you want. my favorite is actually a simple green circle we got at Big R that is super simple and super cheap - see it HERE


this unicorn sprinkler cracks me up!


- stay hydrated

of course staying hydrated is a must with the heat outside. we let our kids drink from the hose (and also which in turn usually leads to splashing each other). just make sure the hose you have is lead free please! You can also get actual drinking water hoses to be safe. 

do you remember those days when we all drank from the hoses and ran around naked without a care in the world?? 


- pool!

last year we caught a clearance sale and bought our pool on a whim for a great price. we didn't even set it up last year so I was so excited to finally get it up and enjoy it this summer. a pool is a big purchase and isn't right for everybody but if you have the space and time, it's such a great summer memory maker. truly, if you've been hesitating on getting a pool, DO IT, it is so great! 

we are trying to keep our pool clean and sanitary as naturally as possible so we can reuse the water after the end of summer for the animals possibly. This was important to me cause it is A LOT of water and I am hoping to reuse it somehow. If you've done this before, send me a message so we can chat as I could use some advice!

Obviously with a pool comes pool safety so please only set up a pool if you can make sure your kids are 100% safe at all times!

so far Marco Polo is the favorite thing the big kids are doing in the pool and it's so fun to watch. I remember playing it when I was little. the littles like to float around in their floaties. they look so relaxing and in fact one day I though Alejandra was going to fall asleep in don't worry, I was right there with her!


now this next image doesn't represent us staying cool but just a quick mention on some ways we keep our animals cool in the heat..

- shaded shelter is a must. a lot of times this can be done with things that are already in nature (trees!)

- our ducks and chickens love homemade cool treats like watermelon and strawberry chopped up and frozen in ice cube trays with a little water (or our extra goat milk). 

- we have kiddie pools around and though the goats hate getting in water, most our other animals do. the cows (thankfully still somewhat small in size) will just walk into the wading pool and stand there. it's quite a sight to see. 

- water, water, water - obviously just having fresh clean water for them available at all times.


though this post was all about staying cool in the heat which meant a lot of water based activities, please note that we also care about using natures resource and are conscious of our use. when the kids play with the sprinklers, we don't let it run forever and we move it around to water different parts of the land. though there are some rules with rain water catching, we are working on some of that to have water available that the rain has brought us. we are doing some other things too and maybe I can do a post on our water conservation efforts in the near future =)

I hope you'll have some fun in the heat and stay cool and hydrated out there! what are some of your favorite summer activities to do on a hot day?