1. Essential Grilling Tools That Will Turn You into A Gourmet Chef

    JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE staying safer at home doesn’t mean you cannot eat gourmet meals and create an atmospheric, peaceful haven in your own backyard.

    Kick up those cooking skills a notch and pamper your creative side by turning into a grill master.

    And while those grills are getting fired up for the summer, it might be worthwhile to check your equipment that will enhance your gourmet spread.

    From lightweight, grippable tongs to a simple piece of equipment that makes grilling small vegetables easy, we’re suggesting the following items because they come with an affordable price tag and play double duty in your kitchen.

  2. Inside Outlets to Cope With COVID-19

    With stay-at-home orders in effect for Colorado and New Mexico and the push for mandatory social distancing as part of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), we’re making the most of our time at home.

    So, what happens when the unexpected happens? These days, we’re all quarantined and looking at ways to exert some energy during the weeks ahead.

    Weeks at home and local indoor and outdoor outlets shutting down call for some creative ways to while away the hours when we’re cooped up inside.

    If you’re stuck at home, what better time to read the books you’ve always wanted to but never had the time or using yo

  3. Healthy Dried Treats

    Many people are looking for homemade, low calorie, healthier treats for their pets, especially if they have weight issues.  Many treats on the markets can be high in fat, salt and sugar.  Using dehydrated fruits and vegetables are not only healthy but tend to be chewy and can aid in dental care.  Homemade treats also have the advantage of not containing any artificial preservatives or sulfites to preserve color.

    Fruits and vegetable can be dried in an oven or with a commercial dehydrator. Oven drying can be done by setting the temperature between 140-150°F. Higher temperatures may harden the surface of the fruit or vegetable and prevent dehydration. The oven door should be left open a few inches to allow moisture to escape. 

    Fruits that work well include: