Big R Snacks We LOVE

A couple weeks ago we had an open house at our new office and warehouse and a couple co-workers put together the cutest baskets of snacks for the guests. All of the snacks were from Big R, and I heard more than a few people that were surprised we carried so many tasty food items. Wandering through the Big R snack aisles is something I love to do everytime I am at the store getting pet food and things for the house. I like to stock up on snacks for work or when we have people over to the house, egg noodles for chicken noodle soup and beef burgundy, sauces and seasonings for grilling, and the occasional chocolate treat for myself. Below are the things I can't pass up. They are also great as last minute gifts!

Find the buckets (Robert Allen planters) our team used to set out our food and drinks HERE

Wiley Wallaby Licorice - this is by far the BEST licorice I have ever tried. Red Vines don't have anything on this stuff. Even people who don't usually like licorice say it's good! I love adding this to my gifts for birthdays and holidays. 

Dot's Pretzels - these things are addicting. And that's no joke! They are great for snacking and setting out in a bowl for get-togethers. You've been warned - once you try them, you can't stop. They also make a great gift for basically everyone and every occasion. 

Cashews - my workday snack. So convenient and tasty. 

Beef Jerky - I don't think anyone really needs an explanation on why beef jerky is a favorite. I love trying our different brands with the varying flavors and textures - thin cut, soft jerky, and more.

Egg Noodles - I love to keep these on hand for noodle soups and beef burgundy with egg noodles. Every time I make these for other people they ask if the noodles are homemade. I love the taste of homemade noodles and convenience of not having to actually make them! These are by the brand Amish Wedding, and I always stock up on their jams and pickled okra too. Everything they make is delicious!

BBQ Sauce - our sauces are great for taking your meat to the next level. Such an easy way to make food taste amazing. All of our sauces are great to use with the Traeger or Pit Boss grills. Our Traeger seasonings are also AWESOME for great tasting meat and fish.  

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Chocolate Pretzels - sweet and salty. Chocolate, caramel, and pretzel. Need I day more? ;) These are great for when I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Or sometimes I just go straight for the gummy worms if there is no self-control going on. :) 

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