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  1. Pasting In Chicks - Causes, Prevention & Treatment

    Pasting in Chicks – Causes, Prevention & Treatment

    Baby chicks go through a lot before you get them home. They are hatched, shipped, and stocked at your favorite feed or pet store where they encounter all the hustle and bustle of a retail environment. Then you select them, transport them yet again and bring them to another new environment. For a baby animal that is only a few days old, that can mean a lot of stress, and stress can greatly impact the health of young chicks.

    One of the most notable problems in chicks that are stressed is pasting. This problem (also called “pasty butt” or “poopy butt”) is what happens when feces that are not the right consistency get stuck to the bird and can “paste” the vent (area where feces are excreted) closed.  Left untreated, this problem, which on the surface just seems a little gross, can actually be fatal.  Pasting can be caused by a few key triggers.

  2. Bringing Baby Chicks Home

    Bringing Baby Chicks Home: Setting Up the Brooder

    When you bring home new baby chicks, there are a few things you will need to know to have a successful start.  Check out this video from Nutrena Poultry Specialist Twain Lockhart for details.

  3. Creating a Delightful Chicken Home

    Creating a Delightful Chicken Home

    Characteristics of an ideal coop

    Whether a coop is made by a family from scratch, purchased already built, or crafted from an existing building, these characteristics are necessary for chickens to be comfortable, safe, and productive.