1. Things To Do For Summer Fun & Safety

    Things To Do For Summer Fun & Safety

    1)  Hydrate- drink lots of water to keep your body functioning well in the high heat. 

    2) Use sunscreen to prevent sun burns and damage to your skin - Grab a bottle of No-Ad or Bull Frog suns

  2. Hauling Horses - Stay Back and Stay Safe!

    Hauling Horses: Stay Back and Stay Safe!

    The following situation comes from Joanna Russell, a Nutrena sales representative, who enjoys riding eventers and show jumpers.

    My father grew up on a farm with cattle and horses, he could back a truck and loaded trailer well before he had a driver’s license. My mother was a registered nurse who took a few years off in her career to drive a semi. Driving a truck and horse trailer is a skill I started learning

  3. Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door

    Chicken Guard Chicken Coop Door Opener 

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    "Looking for the best top-rated automatic chicken coop door opener on the market?  Look no further!

    Endorsed by The Chicken Whisperer, The Chicken Chick, Fresh Eggs Daily, and frequently highlighted on, the ChickenGuard automatic chicken coop door opener is the #1 auto coop door.

    Just read a few of our many 5-star reviews:

    James W says “Perfect!! Exactly what I needed! Opens and closes my chicken coop

  4. Can a Limited Ingredient Diet Still Be Complete and Balanced?

    Just because a pet food has fewer ingredients doesn’t mean it’s less nutritious. Clean and simple eating is gaining traction as a movement for people and their pets because it can be every bit as healthy and nutritious as “normal” eating. And when it comes to pets, these diets have a practical advantage because they may help bring pets relief from food allergies without compromising on nutrition.

    The Advantages of a Simple Diet

    Dogs and cats can be allergic to ingredients such as certain proteins, dyes or other additives. While some food allergies can result in digestive tract issues like as vomiting and/or diarrhea, most pets show signs of food allergies by itching, licking or chewing on their skin.

    Allergies can be annoying and hard to diagnose. Pets with food allergies may scratch their skin, develop secondary skin and ear infections, drag their behinds across the living room floor and even lick or chew bald patches in their skin. Although

  5. Traeger Grills - Top 10 Recipes

    Traeger Top 10 Recipes

    If you've never had food from a Traeger grill, then you are really missing out. Whether you're cooking meat, fish, or veggies you will get the best flavors and tenderness every single time. Below are Traeger's Top Ten recipes to get you going on your grill! 

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  6. Big R Snacks We LOVE

    A couple weeks ago we had an open house at our new office and warehouse and a couple co-workers put together the cutest baskets of snacks for the guests. All of the snacks were from Big R, and I heard more than a few people that were surprised we carried so many tasty food items. Wandering through the Big R snack aisles is something I love to do everytime I am at the store getting pet food and things for the house. I like to stock up on snacks for work or when we have people over to the house, egg noodles for chicken noodle soup and beef burgundy, sauces and seasonings for grilling, and the occasional chocolate treat for myself. Below are the things I can't pass up. They are also great as last minute gifts!

    Find the buckets (Robert Allen planters) our team used to set out our food and drinks

  7. 3 FREE Easter Craft Printables For Kids Of All Ages

    Easter Craft Activities

    We love these awesome printables from Melissa and Doug. Get kids ready and excited for Easter with these fun Easter Printables! Kids of all ages will enjoy a bunny maze, coloring pages, and more spring-inspired activities!

    Easter Egg-stra Fun Bunny Maze Printable

    Build kids’ problem-solving skills with this maze, counting, and coloring activity!
    Directions: Help the bunny through the maze. Count how many eggs you pick up on the way!

  8. Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm | Testimonials

    Meet Vintage Tradition

    Our new local brand of tallow balms to take care of every skin issue under the sun. Shop all of the available options HERE

    Some Basic Facts

    Vintage Tradition is a family owned, all natural, skin care company in Colorado Springs and we hand craft all of our products and work with our local farmers.

    Our Tallow Balm has only three whole-food ingredients, all selected from the finest sources to ensure its superior therapeutic quality. They are chemical-free and GMO free with nothing unnatural. The balms absorb immediately into the skin without any greasy feeling, just soft smooth skin.

    Tallow has the same molecular structure as our skin cells and is uniquely compatible with the natural biology of our cells.  Tallow fat

  9. VLOG: Top Six Mosquito Repellent Plants

    By: Jessie Keith

    Check out our top six mosquito repellent plants in this Black Gold video! These patio plants are great for repelling mosquitoes. Each has a lemony fragrance that keeps mosquitoes at bay, and many are culinary herbs or beautiful garden flowers. Get your seeds, soil, planter, tools, and waterer at your local Big R and keep the mosquitos out of your yard! 

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    Outdoor furniture
  10. Earthworm Castings (The Scoop On The Poop)

    The term “worm castings” seems to confuse everyone but the plants. Earthworms have been hard at work for centuries rejuvenating soils and helping to convert various types of organic matter into one of nature’s best soil conditioners. Black Gold® has had worm castings as the cornerstone of its product line long before worm castings became the vogue in gardening. Our Earthworm Castings are OMRI Listed, making them a cut above the rest for both traditional and organic gardening.

    Black Gold® Earthworm Castings contain a fertilizer charge. In fact, they are so nutrient-charged that we actually have to register the