1. How to Winterize Your Coop


    If you live in the north like me, the nights are getting chilly, the leaves are changing and here has even been some frost on the pumpkins in the mornings. All this means…winter is coming! Whether we want it to or not, it will soon be upon us. So instead of scrambling with frozen fingers when it’s really cold and snowy, prepare your coop now for a healthy flock through winter.

    Check the health of your birds. Any health issues will be exacerbated by the cold weather. Treat any ailments, keep waterers and feeders topped off so their immune systems are at their peak.

    Things to do:

    Clean and disinfect feeders, waterers and perches
    – Healthy birds requir

  2. PBS Corrals & Fencing August SPECIAL Discount of $500

    PBS Corrals August Discount If You Mention Big R!

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  3. Keeping Cool This Summer

    This blog is from, a colorado mama of 4 blogging about home life, homeschool, homesteading, farm animals, and aiming for the simple life.

    Have you ever noticed how the cold winters will seem to drag on but the warm summers just fly right by??? I feel that way every year! Summer has definitely showed up here in Colorado and we are feeling the heat. It's so nice here though because once that sun sets our temps drop quite a bit and it feels so good to lay in bed at night with the windows open.

    Today I'm sharing some ways we keep cool outside in the heat and at the same time it keeps the kids happy and entertained... and most a

  4. Ready for any challenge. STIHL battery power.

    Battery technology offers many advantages and is becoming increasingly popular as a result. Lithium-ion batteries are no longer just used in smartphones and laptops; components are now being used to supply power in cars and aeroplanes as well. STIHL offers customers’ products based on the same technology, and which also facilitate quiet, emissions-free working. The specially designed batteries boast short charging times and provide dependable power for reliable operation. The STIHL range of cordless power tools has much to offer, with over 30 tools to choose from. This blog post will give readers an overview of the various product lines available, to enable you to find the perfect STIHL cordless tool for your needs.

  5. Core Equine Disease Risks Increase Amid Mosquito Season

    Core Equine Disease Risks Increase Amid Mosquito Season 

    It’s not too late to help protect your horse with Innovator® vaccines from Zoetis.


  6. Things To Do For Summer Fun & Safety

    Things To Do For Summer Fun & Safety

    1)  Hydrate- drink lots of water to keep your body functioning well in the high heat. 

    2) Use sunscreen to prevent sun burns and damage to your skin - Grab a bottle of No-Ad or Bull Frog suns

  7. Hauling Horses - Stay Back and Stay Safe!

    Hauling Horses: Stay Back and Stay Safe!

    The following situation comes from Joanna Russell, a Nutrena sales representative, who enjoys riding eventers and show jumpers.

    My father grew up on a farm with cattle and horses, he could back a truck and loaded trailer well before he had a driver’s license. My mother was a registered nurse who took a few years off in her career to drive a semi. Driving a truck and horse trailer is a skill I started learning

  8. Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door

    Chicken Guard Chicken Coop Door Opener 

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    "Looking for the best top-rated automatic chicken coop door opener on the market?  Look no further!

    Endorsed by The Chicken Whisperer, The Chicken Chick, Fresh Eggs Daily, and frequently highlighted on, the ChickenGuard automatic chicken coop door opener is the #1 auto coop door.

    Just read a few of our many 5-star reviews:

    James W says “Perfect!! Exactly what I needed! Opens and closes my chicken coop

  9. Can a Limited Ingredient Diet Still Be Complete and Balanced?

    Just because a pet food has fewer ingredients doesn’t mean it’s less nutritious. Clean and simple eating is gaining traction as a movement for people and their pets because it can be every bit as healthy and nutritious as “normal” eating. And when it comes to pets, these diets have a practical advantage because they may help bring pets relief from food allergies without compromising on nutrition.

    The Advantages of a Simple Diet

    Dogs and cats can be allergic to ingredients such as certain proteins, dyes or other additives. While some food allergies can result in digestive tract issues like as vomiting and/or diarrhea, most pets show signs of food allergies by itching, licking or chewing on their skin.

    Allergies can be annoying and hard to diagnose. Pets with food allergies may scratch their skin, develop secondary skin and ear infections, drag their behinds across the living room floor and even lick or chew bald patches in their skin. Although

  10. Traeger Grills - Top 10 Recipes

    Traeger Top 10 Recipes

    If you've never had food from a Traeger grill, then you are really missing out. Whether you're cooking meat, fish, or veggies you will get the best flavors and tenderness every single time. Below are Traeger's Top Ten recipes to get you going on your grill! 

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