1. Straight from the Farm With Farm Fresh Pumpkins

    One of my favorite things about this time of year is pumpkins are in season. Whether you enjoy making wholesome pumpkin recipes or carving fun ideas into them, there is always different ways to use your pumpkins. Big R Stores supports our local farmers with farm fresh pumpkins straight from the pumpkin patch to your home.

    Here are some fun facts, recipes and ideas to use your farm fresh pumpkins from your local Big R.

    Fun Pumpkin Ideas:

    Glue Big R candy and

  2. Supporting Your Chickens Through Molting Season

    story by Tonya Aragon | @thehenpirestrikesbawk

    Ah, Fall. That magical time when the trees begin to drop their leaves. If you’re a chicken owner, it’s also the time that your birds will begin to drop their feathers.

    Seasonal molting is a completely natural yearly occurrence but for a new chicken owner it can be jarring to see your beautiful hens and roosters suddenly looking bare and sickly without their feathers.

    So, what is seasonal molting? Why does it happen? And most importantly, how can you support your chickens through this time?

  3. No More Dripping Faucets

    Gone are the days of saving those old, dirty sweaters or shredded towels to wrap around your pipes to prevent them from freezing during the wintertime.

    Gone also are the days of manually letting your faucets drip to keep your pipes from freezing. And don’t worry about remembering to turn the faucet on or off or about the excessive amounts of water being wasted by doing so.

    Install the Freeze Miser.

    Once the Freeze Miser is installed, it will automatically and mechanically start to drip once water temperatures drop below 37° Fahrenheit. It operates like the thermostat in your home and senses the internal water temperature arriving to the fauce

  4. Useful Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life (Hunter’s Guide)

    With hunting season in full swing, gathering meat for the winter is essential. We know how important it is to preserve the food you gather, and we wanted to help make some of that preservation a little easier with a few useful gift ideas for the foodie in your life, hunter’s edition.

    LEM Maxvac 250 Vacuum Sealer | $199.99 *In-Store Only

    We picked the LEM Maxvac 250 Vacuum Sealer because it extends the freshness and freezer life of your favorite foods. It protects your meat, game, fish, vegetables, or fruit from freezer burn and seal in the nutrients. It also removes air and automatically seals for storage solution. The stainless-steel construction is countertop friendly and built to last. 

  5. Fall Time Recipes

    Leaves crunching in the streets, cooler breezes in the trees and pumpkins for days is finally here! That is right, it is officially Fall and what better way to bring in the new season than with some new Fall recipes. Fall is the perfect time to indulge in cozy, comforting foods that warms the soul. With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, here are some easy and fun recipes with our one-of-a-kind selection of food items.

    Going to a family gathering or Halloween party, these apples are sure to get the fun started.

    *This recipe is great for kids too! Just replace the vodka with their favorite juice*


  6. Thank a Farmer for National Farmer’s Day on October 12

    National Farmer’s Day on Oct. 12 offers much-deserved praise to the hard-working farmers across the nation.  During harvest-season, the day pays tribute to the men, women and families who put food in the grocery stores and on our tables every day. 

    National Farmer’s Day was previously known as Old Farmer’s Day.

    From early in American culture, farmers set an example with their endless hard work. Not only do they provide a nation with the food we eat, but they also contribute to our economy in numerous ways. Before seeds even find their way into the ground, farmers supply a stream of jobs. From manufacturing, marketing and tourism, farmers keep small and large communities going strong.

  7. Tips for Dealing with Nuisance Critters

    Whether you are raising poultry or running an equestrian center, nuisance critters run rampant.

    Rats often appear in the fall when their external food sources are depleted by harvest. They emerge from the fields, where they live in burrows, to forage and feed around buildings. Mice will establish colonies within buildings and might never venture outside. And raccoons are just a menace regardless of the season, and they’re crafty with how they get into your food sources.

    Here are a few steps you can take to help minimize problems with critters around your property.

    1. Keep it Clean

    Keeping the area whether it’s a chicken coop or a tack r

  8. As American as … Cherry Pie

    It is cherry pickin' season here in Colorado! If you have picked cherries before, you know this can be quite the tedious job. If you haven’t picked yet but are planning to, bring a helper or 2! (Or wine)
    To make it fun and help pass the time, we love to bring our kids along with us and make a game of it! (Warning: A little patience and a slightly lowered standard may be required.)
    Our younger kids, they love to see how fast they can pick them. This often means more leaves in our buckets but when it’s pickin time, trust me. It is worth it!
    Our older kids, they seem to be the more productive thinkers in their game (phew). Their entertainment is seeing who can get the most cherries in their buckets... how great is that?

  9. Add Winter Supplies to Your Fall Home Checklist

    The worst time to realize that you’re out of sidewalk salt or that your snow shovel is broken is in the middle of a blizzard. Before the first snowfall of the season, be sure to take stock of your snow removal tools and other supplies. Here are a few inventory tasks to cross off your fall home checklist before the winter:

    Check your tire chains for rust and broken links.

    Swap in your snow tires once temperatu

  10. Mandatory Seasonal Maintenance

    While home improvement projects are optional, there are some maintenance tasks that you should do in the fall for the sake of safety and functionality. These include:

    Gutter Cleaning — Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned throughout the fall so leaves and other debris can't build up in them. Gutters that are clogged with leaves can hold water and pull down your entire gutter system, and sometimes even parts of your roof. Get a good pair of gloves, a steady ladder and clear the gutters. You also can use some of the debris found in the gutters as mulch for your garden.

    Leaf Removal — Fallen leaves left on the lawn aren't just an eyesore — they can turn i