1. The Essentials for Calving Season

    If you have short breeding and calving seasons, it’s probably been at least 10 months since last year’s calving, and your focus has been on other tasks. But some calves can arrive early, and that’s no time to be searching for that box of obstetrical (OB) gloves you bought last year or scrambling to move machinery you stored in the calving barn last fall.

    Act early to make sure you have what you need and that it’s in good working order.

    At calving, you will want everyone on hand that might be needed just in case of an emergency.

    It’s all about being prepared. It makes like easier and potentially saves a calf.

    The following is a list of items, from large to small, that are essential for preparing and planning for calving season.

    Things to have on hand


  2. Invite Nature Into Your Backyard for National Bird Feeding Month

    Have you ever wondered what that bright yellow bird sitting on your tree branch was called? Or what the difference is between sparrows and other wild birds that visit your yard?

    February can be one of the most difficult months in most of the country for birds to survive in the wild.

    February became National Bird Feeding month in 1994 by Congressman John Porter. Being one of the toughest months of the year for birds to survive, he was determined to help feed birds during this time. The month encourages people to provide food, water and shelter to wild birds in areas with cold temperatures and limited natural resources like plants and berries.

    But it’s much more than that. It’s become a fun hobby to enjoy with your family and friends.

    Where should you get started?

    Invite nature into your backyard by filling bird feeders with fr

  3. Shake Off That Cabin Fever Through Ice Fishing

    Ice fishing is one of those wintry adventures that might be the perfect way to shake off cabin fever and get outdoors.

    Ice fishing season is from December to late February when the ice is the most solid. It is important to note that fishers must use extra caution on lakes under 8,000 feet in elevation. The thickness of the ice is of utmost importance. You don’t want to be skating on thin ice in the middle of your trip or use your life jacket.

    And for those looking for winter activities, it’s hard to beat the quiet landscapes, breathtaking scenery and tranquility of the wilderness that surround the lakes.

    And, if you have a family, ice fishing provides some fresh air and creates fond memories with a sense of adventure.

    Before you head out in the frigid temperatures for this cold-weather adventure, there are a few things to bring on the trip.

    What to bring:

  4. Gear Up for The National Western Stock Show

    THE NATIONAL WESTERN Stock Show isn’t your average rodeo.

    It’s not just about dusty boots, bucking broncs or pretty cowgirls riding fast horses.

    The 2020 National Western Stock Show showcases western traditions but also highlights must-see events over its 16-day run this month, opening Jan. 11 and runs through Jan. 26.

    The event features everything from petting farms and pony rides, championship fiddle competitions, PBR bull riding, family-fun dog shows, the Exceptional Rodeo event for kids with special needs, the Coors Western Art gallery, a nursery of baby animals, and acres of food and shopping, including the Chevy display in the main expo hall.

    The National Western Stock Show plays host to nearly 30 professional rodeo performances, world-class horse shows and the “Super Bowl” of livestock shows.  

    There will be more than 15,000 head of livestock and horses that pass through the grounds, with 25 different breeds of cattle a

  5. New Year's Resolutions for Farmers and Ranchers

    It’s that time of year again when we can put away the old and bring in the new. Almost everyone makes some form of resolution for the New Year involving losing weight, saving money or cutting back on a certain behavior. And farmers and ranchers could have an endless list of resolutions spanning the farm, family and personal growth.

  6. Recycling ideas for your Christmas tree after the holidays

    There’s just something special about bringing a live Christmas tree into your home for the holidays. It makes the holidays more magical.

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