1. Horse show season is in full swing.

    The morning you leave for a show should be for inspecting the trailer, checking tire pressure, making sure all the nuts and bolts are in order.

    Depending on where you’re going or how many days you’re showing, check your list to make sure you see what items you need and what items are ready to be packed.

    For everything on your checklist, start with an inventory at least two weeks in advance in case you need to buy or repair anything.



    Hoof pick

    Hoof polish

    Coat conditioner

  2. The cut of a pair of denim jeans refers to the shape of the leg, whether it's fitted, roomy, or flared. The rise of a pair of denim jeans refers to the location of the waistband.

    Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans (also known as cigarette jeans) are cut to be tight-fitting throughout the leg, from the thigh down to the ankle. They're usually made with stretch denim so that the wearer can get them off and on easily. They are often skin-tight like leggings.

    Slim fit: Lean from hip to ankle with slightly more room in the leg than a skinny jean.

    Straight-leg jeans: Straight-cut jeans appear to have a straight up-and-down fit t

  3. Barn fire prevention is very important. Listed below are recommendations to help minimize the chances of a barn catching fire. Most barn fires are caused by ordinary combustibles such as hay burning. The next major cause of barn fires are electrical fires.

    First, take steps to minimize fire hazards in your barn.

    • Store hay and organic bedding materials in a separate section of the barn or in another building.
    • Buy hay at the correct moisture and check its condition frequently.
    • Store fuel and other combustible materials in a separate building.
    • Keep the barn clean and free of cobwebs, chaff and dust.
    • Post and enforce a no smoking policy
    • Do not leave space heaters unattended.
    • Use lightning protection systems.
    • Use of electrical equipment should be monitored regularly because fires can start from
  4. You've had all summer to perfect your grilling skills, so make this Fourth of July celebration one to remember. You’ll need meat and beer, of course. After that, use this handy checklist to ensure your Fourth of July barbecue goes down as the best ever.

    Grillin’ and Grubbin’ Checklist

    Wooden American Flag Cooler | $129.99

    Go ultra-rustic with this wooden-design cooler, featuring a decorative American flag. The cooler is fully insulated to keep those drinks for all ages cold. We love it because it also includes a handy drainage spout an

  5. Maintaining a lawn mower can be as simple as keeping up-to-date on season and off-season maintenances. Below are some tools and items that will help you along the way.

    Oil (check owner's manual)
    - Riding Mower oil filter (check owner's manual)
    Oil filter wrench
    Air filter (check owner's manual)
    - Spark plug socket

  6. For those of you who purchased new chicks this spring it’s important to know when and how to move them from the safety of their indoor brooder to the brave new world of the great outdoors. As they get older you’ll want to begin bringing them outside to play, get a little exercise and learn how to forage. It’s safe to begin bringing them outside when they’re about 4 weeks old but only on nice days (70’s or higher) with calm weather. Chicks are sensitive to the cold so you don’t want them experiencing any rain or wind until they’re acclimated to the outdoors.

    Outdoor play-time tips (acclimating them to the outdoors prior to the big move):

    •  Keep the chicks are in an enclosed secure playpen or pen where they will be safe from predators and cannot escape.

    •  Make sure they have plenty of fresh food and clean water available at

  7. DIY Fire Pit for Under $100

    With Memorial Day weekend coming up we’re all amping to get outdoors and start enjoying summer activities. One thing I love doing on summer evenings when I get home from work is sitting by the fire pit and relaxing after a long day. I’ve been thinking about building a more attractive one for my yard for a while now and when I saw we had new pavers, retaining wall blocks and pebbles in stock at my local Big R I decided it was time to tackle that project.

    Building a fire pit out of blocks is really simple to do. While at the store picking out the blocks I actually laid them out in the diameter of fire pit I wanted to get an estimate of how many I’d need to purchase. The size I landed on was 40” exterior diameter which allows for about 5 to 6 adirondack chairs to encircle the pit comfortably.

    What you’ll need:

    •  (30) Pavestone concrete

  8. June is nearly here and it’s time to start planning your summer outdoor adventures. Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and create memories with family and friends. Camping trips are tons of fun but can be a real downer if you don’t prepare properly beforehand. Here at Big R we carry a wide selection of high-quality camping gear and we’ve put together a checklist of items to bring on your next camping trip as well as a few tips on how to have the best adventure ever.

    Prep for the trip:

    Where will you camp? There are tons of options on where to camp out there. If you prefer camping in a campground or backcountry camping in a state or national park, you’ll want to call ahead and make reservations ahead of time as they can book up early in the season. It’s not fun arriving at your destination and realizing there’s no room at the inn, leaving you scrambling to find something else nearby.

    Campground Camping

    Campgrounds are great for

  9. Spring is the perfect time of year to get your home in tip-top shape. Maintaining your home is a great way to maintain property value and avoid expensive problems down the road. At Big R we carry everything you need to knock these tasks off your to-do list. We’ve created a handy checklist for you to assist in what minor projects you need to accomplish and how.

    Home Maintenance Checklist:

    •  Inspect your air conditioning system for leaks, replace filters. If you notice leaks, contact your HVAC company to conduct repairs to avoid costly issues during the heat of the summer.

    •  Have your dryer vents professionally cleaned out from the exterior of your home. The removable lint trap inside the dryer can easily miss a lot of lint which can build up and cause a fire hazard.

    •  Trim any bushes or foliage that may have grown up around your AC unit to provide adequate air flow to the system. Shop trimmers

  10. Summer is almost here and with it the anticipation of family barbecues and picnics. With that in mind, it’s time to start diving into those spring cleaning projects you’ve been meaning to tackle since the weather has been warming up. Here at Big R we carry a wide selection of cleaning supplies, storage totes and new home décor items to spruce up your nest. We’ve compiled a quick spring cleaning checklist to keep you on track:

    First stock up on these products at your local Big R:

    -          Windex® Original 32 oz. Glass Cleaner Spray