1. Colic Season for Horses

    When: Colic occurs most frequently during cold winter months. Although colic can occur at any time of year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the holidays most likely to be interrupted by a colic emergency.

    Why: Cold weather often means your horse has less time outside and a reduced or irregular work schedule. This decrease in exercise can cause his gastrointestinal tract to slow down and increase his risk for colic. It’s also common for your horse’s water consumption to decrease when temperatures drop, especially if it’s cold enough for water buckets or troughs to freeze. Decreased hydration increases the risk for an impaction colic, or blockage of feed material in your horse’s intestines.

    Prevent it: To decrease your horse’s winter-colic risk, make sure he gets plenty of exercise. If turnout in the pasture

  2. Fit & Trim for 2021 (A Guide to Winter Workout Gear)

    Let’s face it, we all say the same thing with every new year – New Year, New Body! Putting the holiday cookies down picking up a dumbbell seems to be popular around this time of year. But for many of us, starting this new workout routine in the middle of winter can be a bit challenging. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, winter workouts can be more productive and better on the body!

    Winter workouts make your body sweat less, expend less energy which ultimately leads to a more efficient way for your body to burn fat and build muscle. And not just any fat. Our bodies contain 2 types of fats – white and brown. Brown fat is ultimately the type of fat you want burning because it stays burning for hours and is mostly in the targeted areas, like the belly and thighs. Exercising in colder climates accelerates the burning of brown fat.  

  3. Get Those Projects Rolling for 2021 During National Hobby Month

    Now more than ever people are learning new hobbies and getting more creative in their day-to-day routines. Many of us have extra time on our hands, while others want to save money, but no matter your reason, there’s a hobby waiting for you. Since January is Nation Hobby Month here are some trending hobbies to help pass the time, help you save a buck, or even make a buck!


    One of the hottest hobbies right now is the art of upcycling. This concept has been around for a long-time, but recently upcycling has taken on a whole new interest.  This “creative reuse” is the process in which a person transforms unwanted material into a product of higher value or art piece. Many projects can be made with the help of some handy tools every “upcycler” must have. No matter what pr

  4. Protect Your Noggin’ -- Keeping Your Head Warm and Protected This Winter

    Finding the right headwear for cold weather is one of the hardest things about outdoor winter riding workouts; it's so easy to choose the wrong material or the wrong thickness, leaving you overheated, sweaty and/or itchy before you even hit your stride. But when the wind starts blowing and those temperatures drop, that’s when we start digging in our closets and pulling out our winter riding gear to help us and our horses stay in motion.

    I'm always tempted to go without head coverage -- but after a few attempts, I realize that it's insane, and downright unsafe, to brave 30-and-below temps without protecting my ears.

    It’s important to keep your h

  5. Keeping Toes Warm in Winter

    Long hours spend outside in treacherous conditions can be made easier if you keep your feet warm. As soon as the cold seeps into your toes, working outside in the worst conditions could be disastrous.

    And at the end of the day, all you want to do is sit with your feet up in front of the fire, huddled inside a blanket.

    Here are our recommendations on winter socks designed to keep your feet warm in the worst conditions and allow you to get outside, whether it’s for work or play.

    Carhartt® Extems Cold Weather Boot Sock | * Prices vary

  6. Get Your New (Horse) Gear for the New Year

    Sometimes, Santa listens and brings you exactly what you want for Christmas. That pony under your Christmas tree, for some, is a real thing. And for others, you might have been showered with horsey items or gift cards for horsey items. Shopping for new gear for your horses can be more thrilling than shopping for yourself. And we wanted to help you decide on how to use those gift cards to get all the new gear for the New Year.

    Matchy Matchy

    There’s nothing better than matching halters, lead ropes, saddle pads and boots. Couple your favorite colors with matching jackets, belts, or, if you can find them, matching colors for your helmets or hats. There are a few items you can never have “too much of” and that’s halters and leads. What about matching buckets and totes t

  7. Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

    Aww Christmas is finally here, and let’s face it, stocking stuffers are one of the best parts of this Holiday! From feel-good goodies to handy products, Santa has something for you. We have put together a list of great gifts to fill anyone’s stocking. 

    This Melissa & Doug Farm – On The Go Travel Activity makes for the perfect size toy to fill your kid’s stocking. This exciting paint-with-water coloring book includes four reusable pages and a refillable water pen. 

    For the hard-worker(s) in your life, 

  8. Gifts for Kids on the Farm

    Kiddos of all ages can’t wait to help on the farm and hang with the “Big Dogs.” From rounding up the livestock to bailing hay, these kids mean business. To help these boys and girls do their best work while having fun, we have put together a list of great ideas that are sure to get the job done!

    No job is too big or too small when your kid has the help of the CAT Construction Fleet 4 Pack. They can be right in the middle of the action by moving and posing the articulated vehicle buckets and booms, just like the real thing. And just like the actual CAT machines, these toys will also stand up to all elements, built for all their action-packed adventures.


  9. Winter Tough Layers for the Woman in Your Life

    Early morning chores are just part of life when you live and work on a ranch or farm. And sometimes, early mornings are just a preference for adventures, sports, exercise or that morning coffee when it’s quiet and peaceful and the sun is just beginning to appear for the day.

    With the holiday season in full swing, we wanted to offer a few recommendations to help keep her warm during those early mornings but also offer some great giftables for her.

    North River® Women’s Heather Brushed Cotton Jacket | $39.99


  10. Gadgets & Gear He Really Needs (He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)

    I’m a gadget guy. I love gear that saves me time on projects, is handy in the field or, let’s face it, just looks cool. There’s a lot of gear out there that I’ve found to be a waste of money, something that you think would be a great investment but in hindsight just winds up taking space in your toolbox or garage and you rarely use it. As Christmas shopping season is in full-swing here at Big R, I’ve decided to compile a quick list of a few products I love and believe will make great gifts for almost any guy.

    Garage Gear

    I’ll admit I’m no professional carpenter but I do most of my own home improvement projects and have found this little saw invaluable. The