1. Inside Outlets to Cope With COVID-19

    With stay-at-home orders in effect for Colorado and New Mexico and the push for mandatory social distancing as part of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), we’re making the most of our time at home.

    So, what happens when the unexpected happens? These days, we’re all quarantined and looking at ways to exert some energy during the weeks ahead.

    Weeks at home and local indoor and outdoor outlets shutting down call for some creative ways to while away the hours when we’re cooped up inside.

    If you’re stuck at home, what better time to read the books you’ve always wanted to but never had the time or using yo

  2. Spring Clean Your Farm and Garden

    When it comes to your farm, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to keep it as clean and organized as possible. 

    Spring cleaning is a great way to get this tidying done. Even if there are no drastic changes in seasons, the idea behind this will be the same as other parts of the country. Take some time over the next couple of weeks to whip your farm into shape and clean out every inch of land.

    Here are some Spring Cleaning Tips:


  3. Making the Most of Mud Season

    In the high country, mountain folk have an expression for that slowed-down stretch of time after winter season and before the busy summer season rolls in.

    Some call it the fifth season. But most endearingly call it “mud season.”

     “Mud season” refers to late April through May when spring’s sun melts winter’s snowpack, rivers swell and trails transition from frozen to sloppy to dry.

    For those who get bored and miss the buzz of tourism and trail traffic, don’t worry, it will be back right around Memorial Day. Hang on tight and get your fill of rafting, mountain biking, camping and hiking — summer in the mountains flies as quickly as the wildflowers bloom and the

  4. The Checklist for Horse Show Season

    AS THE WINTER season slows and the first few days of spring emerge, equestrians turn their focus on the upcoming show season. And with that focus also comes the fear of the forgotten item.  Why is there is a mysterious black glove in the bag but not the clean socks? It might feel impossible to keep track of all the tack, equipment and clothing required but there’s a simple way to keep track, so you don’t balk two hours away from home because of a missing riding crop or pair of spurs.

    Leave nothing to the last minute.

    The morning you leave for a show should be for inspecting the trailer, checking tire pressure, making sure all the nuts and bolts are in order.

  5. Springing Out of Winter | Tips for Horse Owners to Prepare for Spring

    DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME might be a horse owners’ favorite holiday. The days start to get longer and lighter and ride time after working hours becomes more feasible. However, the time change also comes with more snow, Spring mud, shedding and vaccinations for the horses. There are a few to-do lists for your horses as they are coming out of winter’s confines.

    1. Schedule spring vet appointments. Make sure your horses are set to be seen for routine vet exams, vaccines, and dental care by booking the appointments now.

    2. Keep on top of farrier work. Winter brings its own

  6. Walk In Her Shoes | Women in History Month

    Women agricultural leaders are anything but new to the scene. From the field to the lab to the boardroom, women work the land, innovate technological solutions and craft business strategies.

    As long as there have been farms and homesteads, there have been women farmers. It’s only natural, when considering the endeavor of farming or even a weekend homestead, to think about the rural women who are in the agricultural workforce. What did they grow, why did they farm and how did they farm?

    These women lead a path for future women to follow.

    March is Women's History Month and International Women’s Day is March 8. Both are perfect opportunities to highlight the women who lead in the industry and their communities.

    Ranch Tough for Working Women

    Women work. But looking at the clothes av

  7. Top 10 Chick Picks Under $50

    story by Tonya Aragon

    Spring is on the way, and, in my home, spring fever and chick fever arrive simultaneously! If you are like me, and you are anxiously counting down to Chick Days, then this list of chicken must-haves is for you. Whether you have been raising chickens for years or are just getting started, I’ve got you covered with budget-conscious, chicken favorites to make chicken keeping easier and to keep your flock healthy and happy.

    Save-A-Chick - $5.99

    These little packets of probiotics and electrolytes can be (and have been) a life saver! If you have a little chick that isn’t thriving, I highly recommend adding this to their water. I always start my new chicks on these right away to give them the best start. Easy-to-follow directions are included on the packet and each packet will last you quite a while.

  8. Starting Seeds Indoors – Time to Grow

    It’s that time of year again.  The days are starting to grow longer, the birds are chirping in the trees and gardeners are chomping at the bit to start growing things, something, ANYTHING...  It’s still a bit early to start most warm-weather crops (here in Southeastern CO – zone 5b I don’t start those until mid-March), but if you’re looking to get an early start on cool-weather crops like lettuce, kales, broccoli, carrots, radishes, cauliflower, etc. – it’s time to start seed shopping! 

    People tend to get a little anxious about starting seeds indoors, typically because they’ve tried it before and failed for one reason or another.  But that’s how gardening goes, you learn valuable lessons every year, and starting seedlings indoors isn’t that difficult once you know the basics.  If you give plants the few things they need, they will grow, grow, grow!  Some gardeners start their own seeds to save a little dough, while others simp

  9. NOTE: This blog was originally published at

    Let’s chat about tools on a farm/homestead...

    What is one of the most important tools to have on a farm/homestead?

    If someone were to ask you this, what do you think you would say?

    Tractor? Sure! that's a given, right?

    Hammer? Saw maybe? 

  10. Modernize Your Home With D.I.Y. Concrete Designs

    Modern home design has taken a different view by using durable materials that are immensely satisfying, stylish and simple.

    While “gorgeous” is not a term used when it comes to concrete, there are some project ideas that can be done with concrete as the primary material that adds a level of sophistication to your D.I.Y. projects.

    When people think of concrete, they might imagine cement mixers in the middle of construction sites, associating this material by building a house, a barn or securing a fence. But working with concrete is much simpler than it sounds. Their beauty lies in the raw, textured touch and modern appeal suitable for edgy interior designs and more.

    After finishing a project, look at these ideas for ways to use the leftover concrete that can transform the house into a modern indust