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Have you always been interested in keeping bees? Let us help you get started! The first thing you're probably wondering is how you go about getting bees. You will place an order with us either online or in-store and your bee nucleus colony will be delivered to a specified Big R on a specified date and time (details all found on the Bee Nucleus Colony product page). You just show up and get your new friends. Our bee nucleus colonies from Burley's Bees are Colorado Bees raised carefully to ensure there are no africanized bees. They are transfered from field to store within a matter of days in order to ensure successful colony establishment and minimal die-off. 

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One bee nucleus colony includes an Italian Queen, 5 frames of existing comb, 5,000 bees, 9,000 brood, and a re-usable pro nuc box. Click Here to reserve your colony.

"It is estimated that in North America around 30% of the food humans consume is produced from bee pollinated plant life. The value of pollination by bees is estimated around $16 billion in the US alone (Beespotter 2016). Bees provide crucial pollination services that support our food security, enrich our diet’s nutritional value, and are highly valued economically (Arien et al. 2015)." (University of California Cooperative Extension)

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Want to learn more about beekeeping and how to get started? Attend one of our 4 free classes put on by Don Hall of Burley's Bees at 4 different store locations. We will be giving away ONE free Bee Nucleus Colony at each class (if you attend multiple classes you may only win once). Please let a store manager know if you are planning to attend so they can be sure to have enough seats.

Class Locations and Times:

The last thing you will need in order to get started with your own bee colony is beekeeping supplies. We have you covered from beekeeping jackets to smokers to honey bottles. Find all of your beekeeping supplies HERE

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