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AcuSport - Hornaday® Critical Defense .45 ACP 185 Grain Flex Tip Expanding


FIREARMS, AMMUNITION, AND PRIMERS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN STORES. WE ARE NOT SHIPPING ANY OF THESE ITEMS. Due to extremely high volume of firearms and ammo being purchased right now, we have taken by-store stock levels off the site. CBI continues to have 2-4 day lead times on approving background checks, and this interferes with our inventory system being correct, as we are waiting for those items to be cleared for purchase. In the meantime, please contact your local store by phone, or head in and (safely) look at the items there. Thank you for your understanding. - Big R

Patented Flex Tip technology eliminates the inconsistency which plagues hollow point bullets. Loaded with nickel cases to eliminate corrosion and premium low flash propellants that deliver maximum velocity in very short barreled handguns.
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