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Money Clip

Shop money clips online and discover a unique variety of Western-themed wallet alternatives at Big R. These gorgeous money clips are available in fabric, silver, or black nickel to best suit your tastes. Depending on the product, these Western money clips feature slots for credit cards as well as an open slit pocket. Choose from clips that portray intricate filigree designs, hand-painted backgrounds, delicate engravings, classic Western scrollwork, and more. Some Western money clips feature unique characteristics such as a 12-gauge shotgun shell concho. These elegant money clips allow you to carry cash discreetly without having to haul around your entire wallet. If you do need to have your wallet on hand, these money clips enable you to drastically slim down the bulk of it. With one of Big R’s Western money clips, you can show off your love of Western culture any time of the day, any day of the week.