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Weaver Leather - Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle

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Bitless Bridle by Justin Dunn

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Excellent Bridle

I had the privilege to ride with Justin Dunn and his mustangs this past year and got the chance to use his Bridle. Whether working cattle or cruising the trails, this bridle gives me excellent communication, control and finesse with my cow horse. Everyone is amazed to learn we are riding bitless when they see my horse and I work together.

Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle

I was excited to win a Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle. My horse, Annie, really responded to the bridle. She no longer opens her mouth when I put the bridle on her (ready for the bit) and rides beautifully with it. Justin Dunn was at Big R in Monument when I went to see him. I loved my first Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle, I bought another one at Big R for my young filly. Looking forward to seeing Justin at Big R in Elizabeth this Saturday, July 11. All my horses will be trained on Justin's Bitless Bridle.

Cadie loves her Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle

I have been riding Cadie in her Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle.
I was concerned if I could pick her up, but she comes right back to my hands. I love trail riding her in it, because she can get a drink of water, and I can tie her up without carrying a halter and lead rope. I even purchased one for my husband's horse

I use this bridle on all 15 of my horses, and they love it!

I have introduced this bridle to hundreds of different horses, ranging from pony to draft, Mustang, Rescue, problem horses, performance horses, therapy horses and many more. It works, and I use it day to day in my outfitting business. www.dunnshighcountry.com Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship on Facebook
Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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